Speaking part 2

You might have to talk about a skills or a talent that you have in English:

An example of something that requires a lot of practice

Here is language you might consider in an answer. Try to write your own answer to this topic. You could use the following language:

be expert in / proficient in /adept at /  no such thing as shortcut / It takes years of experience to

Have a look at the student’s answer and fill the gaps:

Here are the words missing:

absorb mastery register absorb patience process

“It takes many years to learn a new language and achieve __________. over it. It takes time to understand a new language, understand how native speakers use it while writing and speaking, to ____________ it in your brain, to ___________ it, and then to practice it. The whole __________ is time- consuming and needs lots of _____________”

ALISTAIR BROWN: As a writing and speaking examiner for more than 10 years, I bring a lot of experience. I have seen the frustrations that students have with IELTS from a career where I have actively guided and corrected students’ studies. I am looking for the most effective ways to teach IELTS as I understand students’ needs.