IELTS writing task 2

You will find the answers to last lesson here 🙂 :

Some people know what job they want to do at a very young age.

Some people have a clear picture of their future job from an early age.

There are people who know what career they will pursue since their young age.

Some people have a clear mind of their career path when they were younge.

Certain young people know which profession they should go into when they grow older.

Some young people know what they want to become in the future.

Some people visualize their career path when they are very young.

Some people has a strong instinct of what type of work they want to do in the future since they were young.

Often in speaking as in writing there are topics which are ‘a bit philosophical’ and ask you for an opinion on things such as:

 What does it mean to have a good life?

Try to brainstorm this question and look at it from different angles: emotional, financial, religious, personal, societal.

Focus on what it means to have ‘a good life’. So does it depend on: money, having a happy family, freedom, good health etc.

Try to complete the below with your own ideas:

“Living a good life has different meaning for different people, and it mostly depends on various factors such as ______________________________________________, to name a few. For __________ (name a kind a category of people e.g. ‘the young’) ___________________________ leads to a happy life, whereas for _____________ (another group of people), a good life means _________________. From a ____________ perspective, (add a perspective) ‘good’ can equate to ________________________, and this means/ suggests that ________________________. (ADD ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE). From a _______________ perspective, _______________________________.


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