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IELTS Profi helps IELTS students achieve their desired score. We help students with free courses, videos, tips, and practice samples. Our courses and tips are the results of consulting with experienced IELTS examiners and taking input from students who succeeded in the exam.

If you are new to the IELTS test and want to know more about it, please visit this link.

Paid IELTS Learning Services

IELTS Profi offers a writing correction service by an experienced IELTS examiner. We provide a score and detailed feedback, including how to improve your score further. Your writing assignment will be corrected by someone who has worked as an IELTS examiner and checked real IELTS writing assignments, so the score will be similar to the one you would get in the actual exam.

If you want your task to be checked, please check out this link. Unfortunately, we are not able to make this service free because we pay IELTS examiners to check writing assignments. However, we take great effort to find and hire IELTS examiners who are ready to check students’ tasks and provide relevant feedback.

The Story Behind IELTS Profi

IELTS Profi all started with a student who achieved the score he needed. Let’s hear his thoughts:

I was studying IELTS for a long time and continuously failed to achieve the score I needed. I studied with various teachers who all claimed to be experts in understanding the IELTS test. But every time I had the same result — failure.

When I wrote a writing task or had a speaking test with my tutors, they informed me that I would get 7.5 or 8 in the real exam if I did things the same way. But I continuously got something around 6 or 6.5. What was wrong? I’d spent lots of money to hire tutors to train me, and lots of money to book the IELTS exam, all with no success. I was disappointed and hopeless.

This continued for two years until I met one ex-IELTS examiner. He agreed to review a couple of my writing assignments and do a speaking session with me. He told me that I would get 6 in the real exam if I did it the same way, which was a different score to the one which non-IELTS examiner tutors had told me. In fact, it was the exact score that I always got in the IELTS exam. It was then clear that I had been getting inaccurate feedback when my tutors checked my work, and after getting feedback from an IELTS examiner, I was able to get the required score.

In the beginning, it was about him; in the end, it is about you. Now, you also have a chance to get feedback from a professional IELTS examiner and follow their tips and lessons. 

This website is designed to connect IELTS examiners with IELTS students. You also have a unique chance to get your written assignment reviewed by an experienced IELTS examiner. If you want to do it, please check out this link.

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