Obesity cause and solutions essay

Hi everyone. So we worked on a recent topic and we looked at some ideas (in a brainstorm and some language for opinion). I am now giving my answer to the question. The answer has some gaps and I would like you to choose a few of the ideas to complete my answer.

Here is a reminder of the causes again –

  • eating large amounts of processed or fast food 
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • eating out a lot 
  • eating larger portions than you need 
  • drinking too many sugary drinks 
  • comfort eating 

And here are the solutions:

  • introduce a new campaign  to provide information for people to take steps to help them move towards a healthier weight.
  • expand weight management services to give support to people who need to lose weight
  • Introduce a  label system on food o help people make healthy food choices
  • make companies provide calorie labelling on alcohol
  • legislate to end the promotion of foods high in fat, sugar or salt
  • ban the advertising of unhealthy products which are shown on TV and online before 9pm.

The essay question: In some countries,  people’s weight is increasing, and their fitness/health is declining.

What are the causes of this. 

What measures could be taken to solve them?

1. Without doubt, around the world   people’s weight is on the rise, while their physical well-being is decreasing. This essay will look at some of reasons for this and some possible solutions.

There are various reasons why a lack of fitness and increase in weight have become a problem. Firstly we have got used to a sedentary lifestyle. People tend to choose ………………………….over healthier options. In addition …………………….. and …………………………….. mean that poorer choices are being taken regarding diet.  Also changing working patterns where people choose to work from home has meant declining health levels.

It seems/appears to me that the government can tackle this issue with the following measures. Certainly they can legislate to …………………. They may also introduce a campaign to ……………….. Individuals, themselves should aim to be physically active every day,  and take part in physical exercise in their local gym. These changes need to take place in an atmosphere where everyone understands the value of an active and healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, a greater level of physical activity and better diet choices will help prevent the rise in  calorie intake and help increase fitness levels. This will need us to understand the problem and recognise the steps needed to reverse the trend.

2. Now here is another recent question. Again I want you to consider the government’s role in this issue but also individuals’ roles. Consider the cause first and then the solutions.

In many countries  packaging is increasing and recycling is not being done.

What do you think are the causes of this?

What measures could be taken to reduce it? 

This graphic taken from the Huffington Post should give you a few ideas 🙂

It relates to the situation in the U.S.A.

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