IELTS topic mindset – the government’s role

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In IELTS speaking part 3 and in writing task 2 IELTS, it is always useful to think about other views or perspectives on the topic.

Many questions ask you to consider a government or authority’s role in an issue.

Here is a typical question that you might have seen before:

The government should ban smoking in all public places, even though this would restrict some other people’s freedoms.

It is therefore a useful tactic to consider your government’s role in many aspects.

What can you say about your governments’ role in the following topics?:
a. crime/ cyber-crime b. media censorship c. the environment d. immigration

Have a look at the following topic and then consider the questions below it:

Task 1

Who should take most responsibility for solving the problem/reducing the impact of climate change – international organisations, national governments or individuals or a mix of all three?  Why? 

Task 2 – Supporting your arguments 

Read through each statement. Which ones say that governments are responsible and which ones say that individuals are responsible? Which of the points below could you use to support your view on the issue?  How would you support this idea? 

  1. Restrictions and incentives are required for industries. 
  1. People could take fewer long distance holidays. 
  1. Using alternative forms of energy / renewable forms of energy is essential 
  1. Implementation of agreed measures / enforcement of international laws 
  1. Improving and promoting green forms of public transport is crucial. 
  1. Individuals should ensure that their houses or flats are energy efficient. 
  1. Improved facilities for recycling should be provided/There should be incentives to recycle and penalties for not recycling  
  1. People should consume less and recycle more 
  1. People should get out of their cars. 

Here is an introduction for the question above.

Recently, scientists worried about climate change have urged governments to introduce measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are seen as its main cause. Simultaneously, politicians and environmentalists have urged individuals to make changes to their lifestyle. I will argue that / I strongly believe that …….. 

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