Ielts task 2 advantanges and disadvantages

Today we will look at: the ‘advantages and disadvantages of public transport‘. Here are some brainstormed advantages and disadvantage. Can you complete the gapped words:


For the society, a well developed public transport system can reduce traffic con________ so people can get to work_______ on time if there are less cars on the road.

Some forms of public transport services can be faster than cars, such as rail______ and underground subways.

For the environment, increase the use of public transport can reduce emi__________ of the greenhouse gas coming from private cars.

For road safety, more car acc__________ can be avoided because people do not need to drive when they are tired after a whole day of work.

For individuals, people don’t need to worry about finding a parking space in the city; public transport can be a social________ space where people can chat and make friends.

For the economy, public transport can provide job opp____________ . For example, shops and restaurants at a public transport exchange are always full of customers.


Public transport systems can be slow and ineff________ t, which means buses or trains can break ________ and passengers might be late for their business.

Pulic transport can be crow______. and dirty during peak times, while cars are more comfortable.

Using public transport can be dangerous at quieter times, such as midnight when drivers and passengers are at a risk of being rob________ or threat________.

Public transport can cost a large amount of government money, especially when some places are rarely visited and local government cannot afford to build and main_______ public transport services.


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