Ielts speaking part 2 a hobby

We looked at describing a photo last time. Now let’s try:

 “an example of a hobby I would like to try”

Here are three ways you could use to start your answer:

a. I would like to try _____________ as my new hobby

b. __________ possibly is the new thing I would like to try as my hobby.

c. The hobby that I want to pursue in the near future is ___________

Practice all three opening sentences and choose the one that suits you best 🙂

Brainstorm your answer using the : ‘what, why, when, who with’ model.

Here is a sample answer, try to complete it with missing linking phrases:

especially as many as personally those because of so which means

“I would like to try photography as my new hobby. I have been fascinated by the arts of photography for years _____________. its power of attraction and originality of story-telling. Photographs are present everywhere in our daily life, _____________. on social media that allows everyone to post their photos, ______________ they like. _________________, when I am on social media for fun, I find it very hard to take my eyes off the photos with good aesthetics, ________________ I will engage with the content and emotions that the photographer expresses. ____________ photographers also teach me to be confident when they focus on the beauty of ordinary people, portray diversity and make daily life look colorful and meaningful using their camera, ___________ I can enjoy life without having to be as glamorous as a magazine model or as wealthy as a millionaire”

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