IELTS task 2 – developing ideas further – topic music

Did you manage to make some sentences to ‘make an idea progress or move on’?.  Did you try a ‘this’ sentence, or a gerund structure, or an adjective + noun, or an illustrating sentence using ‘there is/ there are’? Keep trying as practicing this will give you the skill of moving an idea on and developing paragraphs. You will use other techniques too like using ‘it’ to refer to the main noun in the previous sentence e.g. ‘music’ or using words like ‘for example’; ‘a case in hand’.

Below are some sentences, using the language that I gave at the end of the last blog.  Try to add a sentence to each of these sentences to develop the idea. By the time you have finished you will have a full essay:)

In terms of ………, 

As far as …….. is concerned, …… 

If you take ……..for example, …… 

When it comes to …………. 

With regard to ……… 

With reference to ……… 

As for …. 

Turning to ….. 

Moving on to ….. 

When it comes to music different people have different tastes and are free to enjoy whatever kinds of music they feel interested in.

As far as traditional music is concerned, it helps people remember and retain their national and cultural identity.  

Turning to international music, it helps us to learn about another culture, language and life-style.

As for the negatives, international music fails to reflect the true stories in our life. 

With reference to traditional music, it can seem outdated and no longer relevant.

Below is a new topic to consider. Try to construct an outline for the reasons why/ why not (yes they should/ no they shouldn’t) of this subject.

Celebrities should be given more privacy.

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