Ielts grammar task 2 – present perfect


A tense that is used often in task 2 to show recent changes or things that took place that still have an impact on our lives is the present perfect.

Consider this question:

Have our lives really improved in the last 50 years???

Now, the question uses the present perfect so we need to use it, right? Absolutely!!

Now look at this student’s response to the question: Can you see any errors in the use? And also can you see any examples where present perfect continuous might be useful?

“While I accept that our lives have gotten better in some respects, I believe that some aspects ware getting worse.

On the one hand, technology has revolutionised our daily lives that become more flexible and more convenient. Firstly, our lives become more flexible due to being widely used on the Internet around the world. As a result, people can choose to work in the physical office or distancing work from home whether the companies located in the local cities or in foreign countries. Secondly, our lives become more convenient. For example, nowadays, Chinese people do not need to carry cash when they travel around the country as it is simple to pay for things using only a smartphone.

On the other hand, modern lifestyle has become far too unhealthy, such as sedentary behaviors and poor eating habits. In the past, people did a lot of physical activities, but now most people spend too much time sitting down as modern lives are designed for people requiring them to sit in a seated position, such as for computer use and driving automobiles, leading people to face very much negative health effects. Similarly, the way people eating has also changed from before. Older generations usually cook meals at home and the diet used to include a lot of vegetables and fruits which gave nutritional value. With the fast-paced modern lifestyle, young people have no time to cook meals and resort to fast-foods, frozen foods instead, which gives rise to unwanted diseases”.

NOW Finally here is some extra practice with answers to get this grammar problem solved FOREVER!!!!

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