How To Make Reading Fun

In this article, we will be looking at ways of making the reading process fun.

Read Aloud.

Reading aloud is one of the essential ways to make the reading process fun. How would reading aloud make the reading process fun, one could ask. The answer is simple. While reading aloud, most people tend to enjoy the process more because they can hear their voices as well.

Other than enjoyment, reading aloud also helps to enrich speaking vocabulary. Moreover, reading out loud will help you to develop public speaking skills. You tend to adjust your voice when reading aloud, which will help you to speak in front of other people or large audiences.

Pick the right book to make reading fun.

It is quite easy to read something that interests you. While it is suggested for you to variate your books, you should consider starting from the ones (genres) which interest you the most. This way, you will concentrate on the content instead of counting down the number of pages left until you finish.

Some people like to set daily targets. For example, they set their target to read 20 pages per day. When you pick your favourite genre or type of a book, those targets will be much easier to reach, and time will fly as you read.

Read all kinds of readings. 

Yes, we have said that you should start with those books that you have an interest in. However, it is also crucial to variate the genres and try to read all kinds of books. While you read particular types of books, you get familiar with a particular set of vocabulary. Sometimes, reading other types of books might feel challenging for you, but it will expand your vocabulary further.

For example, if you have always read historical novels, you will have a rich vocabulary relating to historical topics, and poor vocabulary relating to other topics such as environment or education. The best way out of this situation is to mix the genres regularly, and you will feel that you are starting to increase your vocabulary rapidly

Create a reading space

We all know how vital our working environment is for our productivity. The same is also true for reading. You need to have a setting where you can enjoy reading. When we say you have to have a set place to read, that does not mean that you cannot read outside of it or even switch it up at times. For example, some people enjoy reading in subways, and in particular, that is their chosen place for reading. The essence is that you have to find the best site that you are most comfortable in, which will contribute to your reading process running smoothly. 

Start a series to make reading fun.

How do you make reading books even more fun? – Right, find an exciting series of books and start reading those. When you pick the first book of a long series, and you like it, you definitely should continue reading it. You will surely enjoy the process, and won’t even realize how quickly you finished the whole series of books. For example, you can start with the book series called Harry Potter. If you are into fantasies, you will enjoy reading this particular series. 

ALISTAIR BROWN: As a writing and speaking examiner for more than 10 years, I bring a lot of experience. I have seen the frustrations that students have with IELTS from a career where I have actively guided and corrected students’ studies. I am looking for the most effective ways to teach IELTS as I understand students’ needs.